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About us?

Debt collection,editor,invoice tracking,payment solutions,SMB,ETI,accountants

Clearnox is an online solution that enables companies to optimize the follow-up, dunning and payment of invoices issued to their customers. With this solution, we solve a major problem for companies, namely that of getting their customer invoices paid simply and quickly.

We enable companies to secure their cash flow and to control their payment deadlines better.

Thanks to Clearnox, companies using the solution have gained an average of up to 30% in cash flow and saved 50% of the time spent on follow-up and dunning.

Compatible with all accounting software, Clearnox offers a ready-to-use online service that is simple, effective, and easy to use, with unrivalled functional depth.

Clearnox in a few figures

Clearnox, the Cloud solution for the follow-up, dunning and payment of invoices, entails:

About us

Several connectors to adapt to all accounting solutions on the market.

About us

Saving 50% of the time spent by your accounting and administrative departments to follow up and dun your payments.

About us

A direct gain of up to 30% in cash flow for your company.

About us

A dedicated team at your disposal to optimize the use and operation of our solution.

About us

Since launched, Clearnox has facilitated the payment of a total of €10 billion in invoices.

0 Million €

in receivables managed

0 000

customers dunned per month

0 Billions

in accumulated invoices paid

A word from the Chairman

“ Clearnox was successful right from the start because its solution met a vital need for companies and provided real added value for its customers. The response to this major problem demonstrated the growing interest of companies in reducing their payment times.

Clearnox enables companies to be paid more easily and more quickly, secure their cash flow and guarantee their growth, thanks to an innovative online solution and a tried and tested methodology.

Today, Clearnox is the leader in France in invoice follow-up, dunning and payment, thanks to the loyalty of its customers and a subscription renewal rate of almost 100%. Since launched, Clearnox has facilitated the payment of €10 billion worth of invoices!

You too can benefit from the efficiency of Clearnox. Don't wait any longer. Test our solution directly free of charge. ”

Mathias Eleaume, President and Founder of Clearnox

Debt collection,editor,invoice tracking,payment solutions,SMB,ETI,accountants

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Debt collection,editor,invoice tracking,payment solutions,SMB,ETI,accountants